Taco Lunch At Eat Industries, Hamilton Farmer’s Market

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I was never a fan of taco until Tehya and I went #Galliavanting at Mezcal TNT last summer, where I was introduced to GOOD tacos. Just thinking about the in-house roasted habanero sauce gave me an immediate craving (as I type this). A few weeks back, my friend Chef Marc joined me at the “Real Food Court” on the lower floor of the Hamilton Farmer’s market to test-drive the tacos at Eat Industries!

As I’ve mentioned in the video we did at Pokeh, I just love the vibe and ‘life’.. the phenomenon that is the “Real Food Court” is interesting to behold and experience. So we were looking forward to our lunch date at Eat Industries. To be quite honest, I don’t know if it was the tacos I went for or the engrossing way that corner of the market tends to engulf you. I’m a ‘people’ person, so any opportunity to interact or simply watch people is always appealing to me.

66 York Boulevard, Hamilton, ON L8R 3K1
Twitter @EAT_IND_INC
Instagram @eat_ind_inc
Website: http://www.eatinc.ca/
P. 289.667.0024

While we were impressed by the tacos,  the pulled pork sandwich REALLY stood out. The bun had the perfect texture and subtle taste to use as the vessel for the scrumptious pulled pork. The homemade sauces and coleslaw just took things to a new level as far as my taste-buds were concerned.

More in the video below…

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  • locally sourced ingredients
  • tasty in-house made sauces (ask for the Green Goddess)
  • a hot sauce which rivals the best found in Hamilton (except my house)
  • I appreciate that I can see my food being prepared in front of me
  • engaging Chef.. you can tell he’s passionate about what he’s doing
  • great bar/counter to dine, have a conversation and people watch
  • though a bit busy (lunch time), service was prompt and fast
  • large/filling portions
  • condiments complimented the tacos perfectly (so too the slaw on the pulled pork sandwich)
  • wonderful selection of sodas
  • you can purchase the sauces and pickles to take home if you wish
  • the thin slices of pickled Jalapeno were delightful (not overly spicy and maintained a wonderful texture)
  • non-confusing menu (makes ordering very easy)
  • very filling but you don’t get that GROSS feeling afterwards.. where you’re bloated and question why did I just eat that.

The food, service and general atmosphere at the #RealFoodCourt and Eat Industries itself is well worth a trip downtown (Hamilton).

It was revealed that the cauliflower (grilled) taco is one of the most popular items on the menu, it wasn’t for me (not when you have pulled pork, braised beef and/or Cajun tossed shrimp as options). The same can be said for both rice dishes which came as sides in our ‘combos’. Not that there was anything necessarily wrong with the rice dishes, but I come from a rice-eating culture so I’m always looking for ‘more’.

The Braised Beef with pineapple salsa verde, pickled jalapanos and chimichurri is the BEST tacos IMHO and the pulled pork sandwich with dark roast BBQ sauce, house slaw and caramelized pineapple is definitely the BEST item on the menu.




  1. Preama Jaghoo
    May 7, 2016 / 5:04 pm

    I would like to see more. Weightloss recipes also vegetables

  2. Maggie Bell
    May 7, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    Hey Chris! Keep ’em coming. The box sounds great and I’ll be checking out the hot one.. Miss the Montreal days and all that good Trini cooking.

  3. May 9, 2016 / 11:31 pm

    I love the Caribbean foods you show on here. My husband is from Trinidad and there are a lot of the dishes we try to make and rot with the dahl puree is my down fall. I have yet to be able to master this dish. I love the roti and every time we travel to Orlando, Florida we have to order two dozen and freeze them to bring them home. I have watched the video several times and still can not do them. I really love the aloo with chick peas in the roti. Some of the ingredients are not readily available in the us and that presents a problem when attempting to cook this dishes. I wish you would give alternatives to the actual traditional ingredients. Love you show and I check out each and every recipe you post.

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