Review Of Pho Dau Bo Vietnamese Restaurant Hamilton Ontario.

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In this review of Pho Dau Bo Vietnamese Restaurant in Hamilton Ontario we’ll chat a bit about the food, atmosphere and I’ll share some general tips.  After dropping off our car at the garage to get some minor repairs done, we figured instead of waiting in that smelly customer waiting room at the mechanic’s shop that we’d kill time and have lunch at Pho Dau Bo. Our friend Marko had introduced us to this restaurant a couple years back and we’ve been regular customers ever since. Reasonably inexpensive food, which was quite delicious and very fresh.

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Since I go into more detail in the review video below, I’ll touch on some of the key points:

1. Try to get a seat on the left side of the restaurant if you walk through the front door (and not the side door). If you’re seated on the right side, you’ll have to deal with people going in and out of the bathroom (the path is between the tables), plus I personally don’t like dining near the entrance of a public washroom. (though I did this time so I could make use of the natural light from the window for taking pics)

2. Keep in mind that the portions are fairly big when ordering, so if you’re not a big eater you can get a plate to share or make use of the take-home containers they will provide if you ask.

3. Credit cards are not accepted. cash and/or debit only.

4. Around dinnertime it can get pretty busy. (open until 11pm)

5. Do not expect one on one service as you would in a traditional North American restaurant. It may be a culture thing as they will take your order, not make small talk and don’t expect them to hover and attend your every needs.

6. After dining go up to the counter (cash register area) to pay your bill. I noticed many patrons not tipping (not sure if that’s the norm in Asia) but please tip.

7. When the restaurant is busy, you may have a problem finding a designated parking spot.

8. It can get loud at busy times, since it a small space.

9. When ordering all you have to do is look over the menu, then mark in the number (#) and amount of the dish you’d like to get. There are times when you’d have to say medium, large or extra large, especially with the soups. Also write down any special requests. Caron asked for extra peanuts and the shrimp on the side.



Our lunch order included (highly recommend):

521. PAD THÁI TÔM VÀ GÀ     $9.50
“Pad Thai” Stir Fried Rice Noodle with Chicken & Shrimp

480. CÔM BÒ VÀ TÔM XÀO XÃ ?T    $10.50
Steamed Rice with Grilled Beef, Shrimp, Lemongrass & Red/Green Peppers


Pho Dau Bo Vietnamese Restaurant Hamilton Ontario.

15 Cannon St. East
Unit #2
Hamilton, ON L8L 1Z6



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