FSH and CHP Hamilton, Review.

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Tehya and I hit the road again #Gallivanting and this time it was all about fish and chips at the newly opened FSHandCHP seafood restaurant in the “Hammer”  Hamilton. A sort of hipster / nautical themed interior (kinda simplistic in a good way), it’s a very inviting space, serving high quality seafood.. something Hamilton is not known for until now.

Seating about 25 people (guessing), the natural light from the huge window overlooking King William Street also affords the opportunity to people-watch during the day.

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47 King William Street Hamilton, Ontario
t. 905.777.9999
e. info@fshandchp.ca

Sunday to Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am – midnight

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As usual I’ll hit some key observations and invite you to watch the video directly below.

  • paid metered parking is available (limited) on King William St (we scored a spot directly outside)
  • friendly staff
  • the size of the coleslaw you get with certain dishes varies in size. The one we received with the po’boy was larger in size than the 2 piece fish and chips
  • speaking about the po’boy, the red rooster hot sauce gives it a wonderful gentle kick, which is balanced perfectly with the creamy coleslaw
  • the shrimp is plump and perfectly cooked
  • I’d recommend getting the classic beer batter if you’re doing fish and chips and you can’t go wrong with two pieces of Cod! Perfect for sharing as we did.
  • while the fish and chips did come with a smaller size side of coleslaw, I found that there could have been a healthier serving of fries (chips)
  • fish to batter ratio was PERFECT… I hate getting fried fish where’s there’s a duvet-like shell of batter you have to work through before getting to what you came for – the fish.
  • speaking about the batter.. it was perfectly golden brown, slight crunch as you broke through it to reveal the thick slice of steaming Cod and NONE greasy (watch the video below)
  • SKIP on ketchup and ask for extra sauce which comes with the fried fish (lemon remoulade I think) for the fries – like a marriage made in culinary heaven
  • while I appreciate good food and friendly service, I dislike having to wait too long for my food.. my only small gripe (well and the need for more fries)

With an alluring menu, it’s only a matter of time before you find us at FSH and CHP test driving said menu again! Have you been to FSH and CHP? Do share your thoughts below in the comment section.. would love to hear from you!



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