In And Out Burger Review.


Don’t people use taxis in LA? After killing our feet trying to locate the closest In And Out Burger establishment (fella @ the Puma store told us it was a 10 minute walk.. 40 mins later in the blistering sun and we still couldn’t get a sniff of the deep fryer) we decided to ask a cafe owner to call us a taxi (wasn’t trying to pay expensive roaming charges on this mobile phone). I kid-you-not, he gave a quizzical look as if he was searching his database using one of those tape driven computers to try and figure out what we just asked. Another 20+ minutes and a cab finally arrived. Thankfully we were treated to chilled herbal and fruity water at the cafe (real cool hippie-like cats)

Turns out Mr Taxi Driver had no clue what In And Out Burger was, nor did his vehicle have a GPS. As the meter ran up, we were playing hide and seek the burger joint, with the little directions we got while walking an hour back.  Turns out, you CAN’T miss an In And Out Burger joint. The lines for the drive through were massive and caused a mini traffic jam at the entry and exit points. Same can be said about the lines when you go into the actual store to order.

In And Out Burger.
7009 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Normal Hours of Operation
Sunday – Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Friday – Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 a.m.

Some quick notes for out In And Out Burger Experience!

  • This may well be the one and only time for me
  • LONG lines to order
  • Lines move relatively fast
  • Dirty and crowded dining area
  • Dirty condiments and drinks area
  • Disgusting bathrooms
  • Super friendly and helpful staff – smiles!
  • They look sharp in their lil uniforms
  • Reasonably priced
  • VERY simple menu
  • Luv the fact you can see your food being cooked, especially seeing the potatoes pressed into fresh-cut fries
  • They look like a colony of Army Ants
  • Fries under cooked and a total waste of being ‘fresh-cut”
  • Told their marketing appeal is the fact that the beef/meat is never frozen. SO? It still had no ‘taste’ and they were your typical greasy burger.
  • I would struggle to tell this ‘fresh’ burger from a frozen one from the McDonald’s up the street
  • Onions, tomato and lettuce was decent
  • Though the fries were a let-down, the burgers were quite filling (mom told me to NEVER waste food) so it wasn’t about satisfaction or pleasure

I wonder if this is why the taxi driver didn’t know what/where In And Out Burger was.. Mr probably gets his burger fix at the Carneys further up on Sunset. We came, we tried and we regretted (don’t take a 5 hr flight after). As was the case when I trusted Social Media with it’s recommendation (hype) of Chipotle, In And Out Burger is basic and doesn’t deserve the hype! AND.. your ketchup had a sour (tart) undertone!



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